The countryside

In the proximity of the camping, there are lots of sites to be visited

There are, for instance, some beautiful castles, villages from the middle ages and farmers houses. All of this in the midst of a sloping countryside. The surroundings are ultimately fit for peole loving quiet, nature and spacious countryside. The climate of the Cher makes it perfect for cycling and walking, from April to October. In the Cher, the environment is still pure, the air is clean and at night the stars sparkle in the dark sky. In the proximity of the camping, there are serveral gardens to be visited, Marja can tell you all about it. In 25 kilometers from the camping, there is a 90 ha. waterplan called Sidiailles. Sidiailles has a beach and lots of activities are possible like rowing boats, water cycles and many more.

Worth seeing
In the proximity there are castles, museums, churches, villages and many more. We've got al kinds of information (also in English) availlable.